We get asked a bunch of questions repeatedly so maybe we can predict your next questions!  If you have a Pearl support question, maybe we’ve got you covered here! For anything else, let’s get to it:

What do you use to draw your comics?

Procreate (iPad Pros) for the illustration. FlipaClip and Adobe Photoshop for the animation.

What software do you make your comic eBooks in?

We use PubCoder for creating the EPUB eBook file, and it’s super cool.  Check it out: https://www.pubcoder.com/

Do you love Nintendo?


Will you be making Rook comic books forever?!

Absolutely. We all love the Rook Universe, and we have a big over-arching story mapped out. We plan to have these stories mix different genres and cater to a wide readership. There is also the desire to make smaller stories.

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