Alexandar Gongo

GENDER  –  Male
SPECIES  –  Ceratotherium simum behemoth
OCCUPATION  –  Peace diplomat
AFFILIATION  –  Wonderchild Labs

Alexandar Gongo is a member of the near extinct Gongo family. He is an inter-universe diplomat and peace figure working abroad for Wonderchild Labs.

After the conflict in Redside, Dave Rook took pity on the innocent Gongo survivors, and placed 10-year-old Alexander in the care of Wonderchild — later taking him on as an apprentice.

The Central Report captured a picture of Alexandar with Rook on a balcony, in which he has a very innocent grin — one famous headline read “THE SMILE THAT CHANGED THE UNIVERSE.” News outlets later nicknamed him “Smiler” for his iconic expression. In a way, Alexander represents a physical, living treaty of the Redside War.


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