All About Dave

No one knows just how the story really began.

David Rook, also known as the God Bird, Rook Lord, and simply Dave, is the chief god and creator of the Universe. Thought to be the most powerful creature alive, He is recognized as the creator of the Universe and all the realms it holds, as well as all life forms and the of laws of nature that all living beings obey.

Rook created the Universe with the Celestial Seeds – Water, Plant Life, Light, Waste Control and Protection.

A God of Purpose.

Dave Rook enjoys a dual role of creator and trickster. While ancient legends paint Him as absolutely crucial to the Universe, other myths illustrate Rook in a far, different light – often portraying him as a merciless figure who brings destruction to all who do not worship Him.

It is said that during the early outset of the Universe, Rook created the beings for the purposes of construction labor. Theories state that all beings were essentially slaves to the God before negotiating their freedom. The center of the Universe, the hollow world of Whitea, is said to have been built entirely by a complex, forced slave system over ten millennia. 

The Wrath of Rook: a depiction of the God Bird punishing human heretics during the early formation of the Universe.

When examined objectively, the myths surrounding Rook are clear that, while He is at times a merciful figure, He is not a generous one, often acting out of sheer vanity.

Because of His documented history and role as a godlike symbol, He was often regarded with both great respect and immense wariness. There is, however, a certain benevolence that surrounds Him. Over centuries, several religions have risen to worship Him and Wonderchild Labs, the largest being the Blooett Holy Wing Faith, also known as the Faith of Rook.

Many are grateful. But there are disbelievers who think Rook does not do this for the good of beings, or anything else but himself. So there is a certain percentage of the public that appreciate the good that comes from Dave, but distrust him.

A rendering of Dave Rook as he is known today.


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