Welcome to the  Universe

The universe, as it is commonly referred to, is a compact blend of hundreds of habitable worlds and stars orbiting around a small capital planet at the center known as Whitea. Home to trillions of sentient beings, the universe has experienced a tumultuous but thriving era under it’s creator Dave Rook and his god company, Wonderchild.

Eons ago Rook created giant, celestial beings known as ‘Corponents’, each one serving a primary function. The three larger, primary Corponents preside over their respective worlds – the Tree in Grenson (food), the Cup in Blooett (water), and the Worm in Redside (waste). Together they are a constant in forever feeding, cleaning and sustaining life.

While there are hundreds of other planets and systems, these three Corponents along with the Light (the sun) and many ancillary Sub-Corponent creatures are key to the universe’s survival. 

Worlds & Places


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