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Pearl is an all-new, interactive comic book series in the Rook saga – built specifically for your phone.

It isn’t easy being the daughter of Moosa Allhadi, the warden over all food in the Universe. After a calamitous event, Pearl’s path takes an unusual turn as she finds herself far from home. Left to survive on her own, Pearl must discover her own sense of self and identity.

Episode 1 Release Information:

Platform:  Apple Books  
Price:  $5.99
Format:  EPUB3 
Size:  84MB   
Publish Date (English):  Summer 2019

*Other platform release information TBD

Larger Than Life Characters 

Joining Pearl Allhadi and Olive Lilywhite is a full cast of characters in the Rook Universe, all destined to endure many stories to come. Get to know them all!

Original Soundtrack 

Episode 1 comes with a ten track music score by master composer David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Battletoads, Star Fox Adventures).

Sample the opening fanfare and get excited:

Interactive Bits of Lore (LoreBits)

A must for any wayward reader. The Rook Universe is rich with history and lore. LoreBits provide you with extra information: comic pages may contain any number of these hidden gems. Something special may happen if you find them all.

Living Pages

Each episode in the Pearl series is full of special pages that contain traditional, hand-drawn animation. 

Read Aloud

Featuring buttery, British voiceover narration from Greg Leahy (co-host of the Radio Free Nintendo podcast) as well as character voice acting from Christopher Robin Miller (Professor Layton), Daniel Midgley (Sprint Vector) and newcomer Reagan Brown.

Sample Episode 1:

Our story takes place across two worlds – the lush, terrestrial planet of Grenson, and the hollow, ecumenopolis Whitea. 

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W R I T I N G :

Olive Lilywhite

I L L U S T R A T I O N :

Jonathan Bailey

E D I T I N G :

Eithne McCombs

M U S I C :

David Wise

P R O G R A M M I N G :

Angelo Scicolone

V O I C E W O R K :

Greg Leahy
Christopher Robin Miller
Daniel Midgley
Reagan Brown

A N I M A T I O N :

J. Chad Erekson
Aaron Mann
Jonathan Bailey

S P E C I A L   T H A N K S :

Savage Interactive
The Cream Room
One Thousand Birds
Bitstream Foundry
Comicraft Studio
PubCoder SRL
C.K. Edwards
John Armstrong
Khai Vinh


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