The 2019 Women Calendar

A Universe of Women.

If art imitates life then 2018 was evidence that women are not only beautiful, but strong and unafraid. This 2019 calendar pays homage to everything women are and will become. Celebrate the women of the Rook Universe. Inside is a powerful, intricate and varied art gallery of women – printed in rich color and hues. This art calendar is perfect for any wall.


Stay up to date.

Ladies and gents and all of us in between! We’re now officially into 2019 and to celebrate that we want you to cover your walls with these unique women of the universe. Enjoy.

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Go Vertical.

  • The minimalistic, vertical layout is designed to balance the art with the functionality of your daily system.


  • Holidays are always marked in a key color for a glance at important, upcoming dates. Inclusiveness is the theme.


  • Weekends are separated out into the right side column with a low tint so you can quickly differentiate from your weekly blocks.

Tailored to the New Year.

A look at the making-of. Every illustration in the art calendar is carefully considered and sketched out. Too many ideas (good and bad) are retooled or scrapped entirely.

“Nothing is more beautiful or formidable than a female who is fearless. ”

– Dave Rook

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