The Yardbird Suite 

of the 9 West Villages

Something you’ve never seen before.

What you see before you is a prototype through and through. It is currently being called “RookScape“; A type of interactive art piece with a base canvas and a handful of scenes featuring characters that overlay on top: In this way the canvas stays the same, but the ambience and tone of the piece can change according to your mood.

While there may eventually be many different types of RookScapes with different environments, and characters, the Yardbird Suite is our first test. 

The goal is to present beautiful art for any wall, that can shift on a whim like any good story.

The Backstory

Enter Grace Ray

Lieutenant Ray comes from a long family line of law enforcement officers. Supervising several precincts on Inner West Whitea, Ray is a no-nonsense, career police woman. She once had her heart set on becoming a dancer, but was moved towards the force by her father at an early age.

That is, until she was called in to investigate a loud disturbance in the West 9 Villages.

Lieutenant Grace Ray

Arriving at a high-rise apartment, Ray and Jarrett found the source of the loud noise so many people were complaining about – a jazz band headed up by a young woman named Shelby. The apartment belonged to her, and it doubled as a music studio. This Shelby was not only a gifted singer but a spiritual dancer; her dance rhythm connected her to a larger ethos within the Universe.

Though the music had dyed down, Lieutenant Ray still felt the need to file a public disturbance citation. However, Shelby grabbed her hand and forced the officer to dance alongside her. The jazz band played on in that apartment known in the Whitea music scene as the “Yardbird Suite”. 

Captain Jarrett of the 5-9 Inner West Whitean Police Precinct

Ethical dilemma. 

Accompanying Ray was her partner Captain Jarrett; a blowhard officer, and close friend of her retired father.

Jarrett had become Ray’s reliable, if protective, companion. As the music died, and the dancing stopped, Jarrett stood there, in the corner, disappointed with his Lieutenant’s submissiveness. 

Ray was now a part in disturbing the peace. A small infraction for sure – but Jarrett was disgusted with the participation and display of Ray’s new sensual side. 


Trance Dancer

A total femme babe lez, Shelby gave Ray an out-of-body experience like no other. Their two souls mixing together like a sparkling cocktail in the ether that is Dave Rook‘s Universe. 

From the moment Ray danced with Shelby that night it was obvious the two would be together. Some say Lesbian relationships are the faster moving ones; this was a love addiction.

Beyond In-Sync

So the two girls fell in love, oozing oxytocin and wasted off dopamine. Combine that with disruptive dancing, Ray’s police career, and Jarrett’s disapproval, one might immediately spell disaster.

But for now their life is an unfinished bit of story, brimming with impromptu trysts at the Yardbird Suite. The music never truly died that night. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Ray & Shelby as well as future RookSpace developments.


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