Welcome to Grenson, home of the Tree and the Universe’s great food provider.

The World of Grenson


Bello is a supercontinent on Grenson. It is a terrestrial farming land with a variety of climates and terrains. Despite this, more than half of the continent is comprised of barren desert. It is home to the Tree corponent and functions as the main agricultural producer/supplier for the Universe. Bello is collectively governed by the Farms Coalition.


Mid-con is a continent located entirely in the Northern hemisphere on Grenson. It is half mountainous 


Tillio is the second largest continent located in the Southern hemisphere on Grenson. It is primarily governed by the Serpen Kingdom and neighbors the Zoom Tube to Whitea. Tillio is largely comprised of dense jungle and mountain terrain, riddled by several large canyons. 


Kara is a small continent comprising mainland Karasia, New Catain and the small neighboring island of Gongo Isle (just to the northeast of Mid-Con, at the edge of its continental shelf). Situated in the geographical region of the eastern hemisphere on Grenson, it is the smallest of the four traditional continents on the green world


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