Olive Lilywhite

GENDER – Female
SPECIES – Homo sapian
OCCUPATION – Investigative Journalist
AFFILIATION – The Central Report

Olive Lilywhite is a Whitean junior reporter for the Central Report. She was teamed with her mentor Tom Varidy; the two did the original news reporting on the Shadow Group story, later proven false. Lilywhite’s career was in jeopardy following the events of the Shadow Group scandal; salvaging her job by writing simple weather reports and clickbait articles. She still secretly pursues the story of the Shadow Group and its connections to Rook’s death.

Olive Lilywhite at her cubicle – The Central Report

Redside War

Olive Lilywhite was born in Lumo, Whitea, the daughter of Lefteris and James Lilywhite, chief judge of the 8th Judicial Court. She enrolled in Aon College with a Space Officers Training Corps (SOTC) scholarship and studied history and Whitean literature. During her service in the space corps, Lilywhite served aboard the WSCS (Whitea Space Command Ship) FireFox, and was one of two officers necessary to move or handle WonderBomb launch codes the FireFox carried.

While at Aon College, Lilywhite joined the Sata fraternity and was a member of the prestigious secret society Book & Bird. She received her masters degree and began a five year tour of duty in the Whitea Space Corps. Lilywhite lost the sight in her right eye due to a blast by a enemy missile, while crossing to a outer Virtuan controlled area from a Whitean Government controlled area during the Redside war; thereafter she wore an eyepatch. At one time, she was close to Admiral Oland Bons, being communications officer on the WSCS FireFox under Bons’ command.


Rookie Journalist

After being discharged as a lieutenant, Lilywhite was admitted to the prestigious Raeto Law School but elected not to attend. Instead, she applied for a job as a junior reporter for The Central Report while taking graduate courses in Oskaere (a legendary playwright) and international relations at Equidus University. Barry Rosefield, the Report’s metropolitan editor, gave her a two-week trial but did not hire her because of her lack of journalistic experience. After a year as a bureau journalist for the United Press, a weekly newspaper in Redside, suburbs, Lilywhite was hired as a Report correspondent, assigned to work directly under veteran investigative journalist Tomas Varidy.


The Shadow Group

Lilywhite and Varidy were both assigned to report on the death of Wonderchild Labs scientist Zaros Schockly, and his alleged assassination. Their work, under editor Bob Bisbee, was the first to report on a conspiracy that links several corporations and the Whitean Government believed to be operating at the highest levels of power, secretly started the Redside War, concealed from the public a plan to sabotage Wonderchild Labs and assassinate David Rook in order to secretly gain control over the Universe.

The theory, with supposed evidence of the Shadow Group’s existence and exposed parties, was first reported in the Central Report by Tom Varidy and Olive Lilywhite. The scandal ignited investigations which later proved the story false, eventually leading the Central Report to terminate Varidy’s employment.

Journalist duo Tom Varidy and partner Olive Lilywhite

Personal Life

Lilywhite has been married once before to her high school sweetheart Mark Buff, which ended in divorce. She now resides in Inner East Whitea. She has no children.


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